A Commission of Inquiry into Jonah’s Conduct

by on Aug.30, 2015, under Faith

Imagine the Almighty forming a commission of inquiry into Jonah’s outright disobedience of God. Imagine the best brains of Jonah’s days being the members of the commission. Assume that the commission was to give its recommendations while the ship was still in the rough water. I have asked myself what could have been the recommendation, …… Read more

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CNN Can Do Better

by on Jul.23, 2015, under Inspiration & Others

Kenyan Flag

Against my better judgement in mid July 2015, I silenced the urge to write a prescription for the International Media (in particular CNN) on what they should report about Kenya during President Obama’s visit. Given the previous juvenile sensational reporting by CNN on Kenyan elections in 2013, I felt that I should advise and to …… Read more

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Where do I desire to live?

by on Jul.12, 2015, under Inspiration & Others

I desire to live in a country that enacts and implements just laws.
I desire to live in a country the supports family as the basic form of government.
I desire to live in a country where the citizens know their rights; they demand their rights and they also meet their obligations to the nation state.
I desire …… Read more

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More Women in Parliament At No Extra Cost: Part II

by on Jun.01, 2015, under Leadership, Politics & Patriotism


Read “More Women in Parliament At No Extra Cost: Part I” for background information.

The two scenarios that could provide fair representation of both genders in the Parliament without extra burden to the tax payers are as follows: –

Scenario One: No Change to The Constitution
Based on the current figures in the Parliament, the state should ensure …… Read more

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More Women in Parliament At No Extra Cost: Part I

by on May.16, 2015, under Leadership, Politics & Patriotism

One day when our mouths connect to our hearts and communicate the content of the same heart, we will have fewer problems with gender representation. One day our nation will say: men and women are equal and mean it. One day Kenyans will go to the ballot to elect leaders with vision, passion, integrity and …… Read more

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Kenya’s Ugliest Couple: Corruption and Tribalism

by on Apr.06, 2015, under Politics & Patriotism


Kenya only suffers from two evils: corruption and tribalism, the rest of the challenges that bedevils the nation are offsprings of the above two. If we liberate ourselves from corruption and tribalism we will then take our place among the community of respectable and progressive nations. Given the location of our nation, the acreage of …… Read more

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Thank God I Can Choose My Friends

by on Mar.28, 2015, under Family & Love

There are friends whose presence propels me into unexplanable eloquence, whose company makes a philosopher out of a mere village boy. I am at my best in subjects that I have very little training in. Gifts in me that I know nothing about are awakened in their presence. I cruise across the political arena with …… Read more

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My Dream for the Kenyan Universities

by on Feb.16, 2015, under Education & Learning


One day Kenyan universities will treat all its students as their clients.

One day Kenyan universities will lead by example, the universities will not only teach their students to be good managers but the universities will practise good management.

One day Kenyan universities will not send faculty members to the media and conferences to lecture the nation… Read more

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