What Kenyans On Social Media Say About Uhuru Kenyatta

by on Dec.29, 2014, under Leadership, Politics & Patriotism

A peek at the president’s Facebook Account and Twitter hashtag “uhurureturns”. Two posts on Facebook were considered: the responses to president’s massages to the 2014 examination candidates (at the time there were approximately 1,600 comments) and the 53rd birthday wishes on the president’s wall (at the time it had 18,000 comments but only… Read more

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Security Bill: Play Politics to Secure Our Nation

by on Dec.17, 2014, under Politics & Patriotism

My prayers are with the men and women whom have to make the difficult decisions to ensure that the nation’s security and freedom is upheld. I believe that they are away of the privileged position they have in history. Not all man/women are blessed with the ability to understand the times they live in. Neither …… Read more

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Myles Munroe – Teachers Never Die

by on Nov.10, 2014, under Faith, Leadership


There is nothing in the world that a junior secondary student needs more than a sense of direction, identity and hope of a bright tomorrow. The entrance of Myles Munroe (MM) in my world came with those basic needs for a teenager.  As a student I was privileged and blessed to have teachers who understood …… Read more

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Uhuru Kenyatta joins the likes of Mandela and Bush

by on Oct.06, 2014, under Leadership, Politics & Patriotism


Whereas the Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta was born near power and spent his formative years at state house, nothing in his demeanour portrays a power hungry individual. He comes out as an individual whose royal birth did not affect his character. Unlike many who are born with power and status, Uhuru has had a lot to …… Read more

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Good Leader With Bad Supporters Is A Misnomer

by on Sep.20, 2014, under Leadership, Politics & Patriotism

We have heard these statements many times in Kenyan politics, “the leader is a good man but the people who surround him are the problem”; “our leader is not corrupt it is the people who surround her that are corrupt”; “our leader is humble but the people around her are arrogant”; our leader is not …… Read more

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We Do Not Need The Government On This One

by on Aug.23, 2014, under Family & Love


So longer as little children are allowed to suffer, there is no true love in the world – Isidora Duncan

Who can file a case against them? Knowingly or unknowingly they give birth to numerous children hoping that one of them will be the family’s saviour. Most times they do not have the access to family …… Read more

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Barack Obama – An Ordinary President

by on Aug.06, 2014, under Leadership, Politics & Patriotism

Sean Neber

The time for a great leader is right in America, but president Obama is contented with being footer in the history of the American presidency. He became a president when America was experiencing great challenges that he could have solved to distinguish himself from ordinary presidents. The paths of great leaders like Lincoln, Gandhi and …… Read more

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Objectivity in Kenya: Robert Alai and Mugo wa Wairumu Style

by on Aug.01, 2014, under Leadership

Being objective in Kenya is easy. Those who support Mr. Robert Alai Onyango’s view point regard him as objective and fearless while those who support Mr. Mugo Wa Wairimu’s point of view regard him as factual and a patriot. To these two individuals, the politicians they support are 95% right and those they oppose are …… Read more

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