Bye Obama, Part II

by on Apr.20, 2017, under Leadership, Politics & Patriotism

Part I on domestic outlook was posited on 27 March 2017

World Stage
I believe that ethical and effective leadership is imperative for nations’ progress. Leadership may be implied or formal, whatever form it come in, we need leadership. It may be provided by US or United Nations but it has to be provided. Nobody demands …… Read more

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Bye Obama, Part I

by on Mar.27, 2017, under Leadership, Politics & Patriotism

Initially I wanted to reflect on both the achievements and the shortcomings of the Obama Presidency but president Obama used his final days in the office to enumerate his achievements. At every opportunity afforded to him he reminded us that he was the best gift to the world between 2009 and 2016. Two particular moments …… Read more

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2016: The Turning Point, Part II

by on Jan.12, 2017, under Inspiration & Others

See Part I, Published on 31st December 2016
There were rumours of hope in some African states, when ruling parties started to lose elections and some octogenarian “misleaders” promised to relinquish power soon, of course, hope was moderated with many other octogenarians and near octogenarians who laundered themselves into power through stage managed… Read more

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2016: The Turning Point, Part I

by on Dec.31, 2016, under Inspiration & Others

I do not know how my two years old son came to know about Brexit, he could be heard around the house saying, “mummy I want to eat my Brexit.” Surely just like the world did not see Brexit coming I have not figured out how my son or anybody for that matter can refer …… Read more

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Dealing with Success

by on Nov.30, 2016, under Inspiration & Others

Prior to 21st Century, there were plenty of talks and writings on “how to handle failure”, in the 21st century that message is still relevant given that humans constantly fail in one way or the other. In the present century, the other message that is increasingly important is “how to handle success”. To start with, …… Read more

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Good Leader with Bad Followers is a Misnomer

by on Oct.31, 2016, under Leadership

We have heard the following statements many times in Kenyan politics, “the leader is a good man but the people who surround him are the problem”; “our leader is not corrupt it is the people who surround her that are corrupt”; “our leader is humble but the people around her are arrogant”; our leader is …… Read more

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Unknown Known

by on Sep.30, 2016, under Inspiration & Others

Rumsfeld made this truth common sense, yet not very common still.
There are things we know but we do not know we know
There are things we know we do not know.
There are things we think we know yet we do not know
There are things we do not know we do not know
Always there are …… Read more

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America: Lead or Get out of the Way

by on Aug.31, 2016, under Leadership, Politics & Patriotism

Sean Neber

Many days in 2008 I stayed up late or woke up in the wee hours of the night to listen to Senator Obama’s inspirational speeches. His words were a spring of fresh water in the land submerged in dirty political waters. American politics stinks and Senator Obama promised to purify it if he won the …… Read more

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