Corporate Social Responsibility: The Cart Before The Horse

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Business is a force intended for good. While business can be accused of many things, it cannot be accused of its ability to transform lives. The government employs hundreds of thousands while Businesses and businesswomen/men employ millions. An example is the Kenyan government (both county and national) employs about 5% of the labour force in …… Read more

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An Open Letter to my Mobile Service Provider

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Kenya at 50, Our Customer Care at Infancy

I have been a student in three major learning institutions in Kenya, at one time or another I have been a customer at all the mobile service providers in Kenya and I have sought services in a number of banks in this nation. The common denominator in these …… Read more

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Employee Retention

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Credit: USACE

All human beings want to have a purpose in life; employees want to make a difference in peoples’ lives. They want to be associated with great products or service that impacts client’ lives. They want to be part of something bigger than themselves, something eternal.

The organisations that are interested in retaining their employees they should …… Read more

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