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Inclusive, good-quality education is a foundation for dynamic and equitable societies – Desmond Tutu
I must state that without High Education Loans Board (HELB) I may not have had my first degree, it is HELB’s help that paved the way for me into the higher education. That notwithstanding, student loan application process witnessed in August and …… Read more

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An Open Letter to my Mobile Service Provider

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Kenya at 50, Our Customer Care at Infancy

I have been a student in three major learning institutions in Kenya, at one time or another I have been a customer at all the mobile service providers in Kenya and I have sought services in a number of banks in this nation. The common denominator in these …… Read more

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No Bad Drivers Only Bad People

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It is amazing how a lie or half-truth has been peddled by so many people for so long that Kenyan drivers are bad drivers. I have observed the so called bad drivers reverse in the narrowest of places; I have seen them dare to pass where a less skilled person can never attempt. I mean, …… Read more

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