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8553473662_c3b879e350_zIt pains me when we continue to live in the now, taking care of the current needs. We want to eat our cake now and still have the same cake tomorrow; when my peasant mother took me to school, she hoped that the future will be good for us. We did not first build a decent house or eat a balanced diet first; she decided to invest in the future. When Kenya constructed the KICC in 1975 it was not that we had solved all the other problems, but today we all take pride in the African Landmark, when we constructed Thika (Kibaki) Super Highway it was not that in my village we had even proper all-weather road, but we all take pride in the Super highway. When we started the free primary education we did not wait to build all the classes, today we all celebrate this achievement.

When the American went to the moon and space, it was not that all the blacks were enjoying all the freedoms. Today the space explorations have led to many possibilities that were not even imagined. We have to design our future with the little resources we have, as my mother had to make a choice so is the government of Kenya.

I am saddened that when the Government has dared to dream, to put in the hands of every standard one pupil a laptop, a few but vocal and short sighted minds want the budgetary allocation to be channeled to build classes, paying teachers. These are the dream detractors; they want Kenya to remain behind, as long as we are eating today tomorrow will take care of itself, they say.

The president and the Deputy President must listen to this lot but they should not fall prey to their myopic vision. Despite the many challenges we have, the government wants this Nation to be part of the future, technology takes us to that future. My only suggestion is that we give the laptops to standard four and not one, but if we have research to support that class one is the best age to be introduced to technology I will be interested to see it.

In the 2nd Annual International interdisciplinary Conference that ended 28.06.2013 at Catholic University of East Africa, the closing remarks by the VC were “a truly blind person is the one with eyes but he/she cannot see.”

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