The God of All

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5519741094_35e710d6e5_zIn God’s created universe, one is constantly looking for answers but many times the answers are hard to come by. At times when they come they are not as dramatic as we expected, nevertheless they are treasures we have been searching for. Job says it is God who lets the bad and good to die. It is God who created the murderers (who at the time of creation were innocent), it is God who created pastors.

The question is, are people fickle? In the Prince, the writer says, holding people in a given conviction is harder than convicting them. People change, change is good but should people change without giving notice? It is hard to comprehend that people who support one politician in one regime, turn against the same politician in a different regime. It is not for humans to understand; some of the people who were amazed and elated by what Jesus did in three years, were among those who crucified him on the cross.

It is people who kill others; it is people who rescue others. It is people who criticize other harshly; it is people who encourage the discouraged. Can one hate people, yes, but is it wise to do so? People love, people donate food, people teach, even if they make bombs they build hospitals to treat the injured.

What I can say?

When it rains, God is God.

When it is dry for years, God is God.

When I pass my exams, God is God.

When I fail, God is God.

When a plane flies from Nairobi to LA, God is God.

When a plane crashes in the Atlantic Ocean and kills all on board, God is God

When I have a job, God is God.

When you give birth to three kids, God is God.

When you educate your three kids and on the graduation day they die in a car accident, God is God.

When you have legs to walk, God is God.

When you have no legs to walk, God is God

God is not less or more by any event or process, He is what he has been: God our Aba Father

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