Mandela’s Death : The Other Side of South Africa

by on Dec.11, 2013, under Politics & Patriotism

As we mourned the world greatest leader since JF Kennedy and Dr. King, South Africans were telling the world:  there is a problem in South Africa. South African leaders in all spheres of the society have to take urgent corrective measures. The world witnessed the mourns’ jeer their own president. The buck stops with him, I am sure he has a lot to reflect on if he is a true Mandela’s student.

Within a space of a few hours after the jeers it was reported that the second father of the Nation Archbishop Desmond Tutu’s house was broken into by robbers. They have no regard for the archbishop and Mandela’s whom the entire world is mourning. One can point at moral decadence in the society, another one will argue that the youth need jobs. Whichever side you support the fact remains the there is a problem in South Africa.

As if that was not enough, it was reported that the sign interpreter at the Mandela Memorial function was fake, this is a sign that someone is sleeping on the job, whether this is a sign of a bigger problem in the entire leadership of South Africa, it is left to the analysts.

One thing that is clear to everybody who cares is that South African leaders in all spheres of life need to learn from Mandela more than anybody else in the world. Before South Africans share Mandela with the rest of the world, they need to take a “big bite” at him. South Africans have overcome harder challenges in the past, they shall overcome.

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