Happy Holiday: Political Correctness For Christmas

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“Happy Holiday,” has been trending both online and offline as the build up to Christmas. What happened to the holiday that is celebrated on the 25th of December that it become nameless. When did Christmas change to just a Holiday? Why did Christmas change to Holiday? Who changed Christmas to Holiday?

Towards 25th of December, service providers and businesses get busy sending out messages of happy Holidays. Which Holidays are those that do not have a name? Others replace Christ in CHRISTmas with Xmas. This slow and non-violent elimination of Christ from Christmas should be addressed. In many countries there are foreigners who enjoy the services like internet and telecommunication services. On Independence day (in the host country) they receive messages from service providers reading “happy independence day”, note it is not happy holiday. Why do they receive such messages, they are not citizens? Whether you are a citizen or not it is independence day in that country. Whether you acknowledge it or not, it is independence day and the messages of “happy independence day” will be sent to you and it will get to you, so why do we want to rename Christmas? Whose interest do we serve by eliminating Christ from Christmas?   

The majority of the earth dwellers agree and support the freedom of worship, but a good number pays lip service to these freedoms. They acknowledge these rights but their actions portray the opposite. December 2013 saw the American Atheists put up a billboard at the Times Square that read, “Who needs Christ during Christmas?” This group has the right of expression, which is enshrined in the constitution of their nation. What about the Duck Dynasty’s patriarch Phil Robertson, is his right of expression not enshrined in the same constitution? Just like the law permits the American Atheists to advertise a Christless Xmas, let Duck Dynasty’s patriarch Phil Robertson air his view on homosexuality and let Christmas be called Christmas and not “Xmas” or “Happy Holiday”.

In a world that is full of challenges, why do we have so many people teaching Christians how to celebrate their Christmas. Why can’t we focus these mental and other resources to solve the world’s problems, instead of expending these energies on lecturing Christians on how to celebrate their Christmas? They have enough information on what Christmas is and how it should be celebrated in the Bible, I bet they do not need further instruction on this subject.

Let the Christians celebrate their Christmas the way their Bible states and if  the rest of us we need a Holiday, let us have one that we call happy holiday and on this day we can introduce the Santa Claus  we want and make him/her do all sorts of things that satisfy our definition of a happy holiday. Why must we seek to undermine the Christmas of the Christians as it is stated in their faith? 

Happy Christmas everybody.

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