Good Gifts are for all

by on Nov.16, 2013, under Faith

Life has taught me that I am not the only one who is entitled to good things, I saw a good pen and my heart was for it, so I got it from the owner, later he had a nice pencil which I fell in love with and I also asked for it,  and I got it. But it occurred to me that this is selfishness; a feeling that some things are too good to be owned by other people apart oneself.

I do not know if other people feel like I felt. I pray that God may grant us the ability to accept that all God’s children (however poor, uneducated, young etc.) are entitled to the good things – good things are not only a reserve of a few.  The sin is to covet, the cure is to discover the above sin and repent, I have done both: God forgive me and grant me a selfless heart.

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