When Real Love begins

by on Nov.16, 2013, under Family & Love

3373571175_943e41e067_zReal love begins after one says “It is over between us” that day all seems fine and it seems one is in control. I cannot forget the tears that I saw in the eyes of one who loved and she received no love in return. Remember this was a long time since love had been proclaimed over, as she narrated her story one felt her heart speak and the mouth was just the messenger. I felt that she deserved more than what had been accorded her, she deserved to be loved. The thoughts of starting again are frightening; the idea that all you shared is history and cannot be replicated neither in the present or in the future makes one question the real meaning of love and life.

We all agreed that it is much easier to offer lessons to one who is suffering, but it is almost impossible to practise our own proclamations, when the same fate befalls us. The teacher teaches and life teaches the teacher some lessons that he assumed he knew. We all agreed that relationships that are run for long without marriage are unacceptable – of course there are exceptions. We all agreed that baggage of a relationship gone sour should elevate you to love and loved better. I heard and believed that love makes one do crazy things that one could not do under normal circumstance


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