Shakespeare Versus Me

by on Mar.22, 2014, under Family & Love

It is the 21st century and I am still bewildered by the concept love. Shakespeare should have been kind enough not only to give us chronicles of love. He recorded the acts and scenes of love in order to point us to the love paradise. He should have lost his head in the pursuit of what love means. The meaning of love should have been the pursuit of his life. He should have found out whether love is a disease and if so, is it contiguous and if not a disease, why is it so dominant in our lives, why is it selfish most times?

Shakespeare had a sharp eye, I wonder if he had a keen brain to fathom concepts beyond the eyes. In my pursuit and desperate move to find the meaning of love I drag the saint of love in my agony. He is beyond reproach and I cannot fault him without faulting millions of his followers. I take on the world’s greatest ambassador of romatic love in order to remind the earth dwellers that although love is common to many it remains undefined. Is it meant to be defined anyway?


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