Way Forward for Africa – Part VI

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family-canons10-julio-637168-oThis is the second last part of a seven-part article “Way Forward for Africa”


A family according sociologists Barbara, Ross and Basirico is a group of people related by blood, marriage or adoption. They argue that a family is designed to provide the following functions:

  • Sexual regulation
  • Reproduction
  • Affection and emotion supports
  • Socialization

A family is designed by God and its functions can’t be performed by any other institution, it is irreplaceable. Stability in families is an indicator of stability in a nation, hence stability in the continent. A nation that is built on broken, bruised or damaged families is compared to a house without foundation. For any given society, a family is the barometer by which development, growth and social ties are gauged. It is fair to conclude that anybody advocating for a developed, democratic,  healthy and a better Africa without advocating for stable families, is a pretender hence an enemy of African continent.

Families are sexual regulators. It is through family that parent teach their children in a way that they (children) will follow, that they may not depart from it when they grow up (proverbs 22:6). Sexual transmitted diseases have robbed us hefty sums of money in treatment. Worse still they have denied us energetic and youthful manpower. All parents should openly and precisely inform their progenies that Aids is real and better still how to avoid it. Parents should insist that sex is only permitted between married men and women, when people are mature enough to weigh and fulfil the responsibilities that come with sex.

Reproduction is regulated in families. It is in a family that the number of kids is agreed upon. Planned families lead to planned countries, which in turn lead to a planned continent. Each family should weigh its resources and country’s resources e.g. schools, hospitals etc, before it settles on the numbers of kids.

Our brothers and sisters on the streets of Africa, most of them have parents, but these parents can’t provide for them hence they end up on the streets. Africans should have small but well cared for families that will lead to a manageable continent.

Someone once remarked that ‘the most stressed people to walk the earth are alive today’. This shows that families are no-longer playing their roles. Families should be oasis of affection and emotional support; stressed mind produce stressed Africa.

Socialization has its roots in the family. Antisocial individual in the society cause a lot of problems to others. In places of work, they seclude themselves; they can’t discuss and find solutions to problems affecting their work places. They settle scores through fighting, because they can’t express themselves through any other way. It is only in families that people are taught to work hard to be honest, to be democratic and to be peace loving and to be developmental conscientious. Revive the family spirit in Africa and revive Africa’s beauty and success.

Look out for the Final Part of this article, where the Final Solution to African Problems will be discussed.


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