Discriminate Against None

by on May.14, 2014, under Inspiration & Others

You remember that day when we took arms and fought for the right to worship; you remember that day when we fought for the right to vote; you remember that day when we fought for dignity and respect of the whole humanity; you remember that day when agitated for equal employment opportunities for all; you remember that day when we struggled for universal suffrage. Once the battles were won some of us looked at the women and said to them, “you have the right to vote but you are a woman; some of us looked at the lame and we said to them “you have the right to work but you are lame.”

Once we got all we wanted we quickly realized that it will not be enough for us all. We called some disabled, others yellow and others blacks so that we remained few to share the spoil.  We were happy until dotcom came to interrupt our party, on his arrival he declared us computer illiterate and we became irrelevant to the current trends. It was soon announced that vacancies are only available for the young and dynamics.

It was at that point that it dawned on us that in the other person there is something that is not in us and vice versa. In us there is a potential to discriminate and a potential be discriminated. As such the best way forward is to be kind to ourselves, discriminate against none, because inherently in us are the traits that make us candidates for potential discrimination: we all lack something.


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