Potatoes Do Not Grow At Farmers’ Market

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We come into this world with an operating system but hardly with any software. Depending on where we are born or where we spend our childhood days we begin to install the softwares from the environment around us, if the people around us eat Monkeys we enjoin in the delicacy. If they support Arsenal we become part of the gunners’ troops. If they are farmers it will be repetition for me to say that you will also become a farmer. It can also be said that as our esposure increases our earlier programming may be challenged or improved. Plato’s “Allegory of the Carve” immortalises these observations.

In a nutshell, we are a sum total of our genetic make-up, our experiences and our imaginations. It will be inconceivable for a village boy who has never used a bath tub or seen one on TV to walk into the Hyatt Regency in Dubai, turn on the taps and enjoy the warm bath without assistance. It will be miraculous that city girl who has never been upcountry or seen Irish potato plant to be woken up 6 am (on her first visit to the village) to look for potatoes and prepare chips for break fast.

My heart always sinks when I hear phrases like “huyu ni mshamba”, meaning this person is a villager, or ‘the girl that our son has married is lazy, she cannot farm’. Why do expect people who have never been exposed to our world to behave like they are of our world. We declare ourselves the ‘SI Unit’ and anybody body who does not know what we know is stupid, unexposed and backward. We fall short of saying ‘all cool human beings know want we know, sorry if you don’t, you may need to confirm to us if you are indeed a human being’.

The more I learn and visit different places I always find something that makes my knowledge outdated, I have accepted that Scottish men can were skirts and it is cool, I have accepted that Congolese can have a monkey for dinner and that is fine. In most hotels I visit I find something new and that is fine. When I have mastered a certain technology I come across someone who knows it better and she/he introduces me to other apps that can do the same job better.

Little knowledge and skewed knowledge are the fodder for prejudice and stereo types.

The next time you have your uncle from the village (patiently) show him how to flush the toilet and help him to cross the road. When you take your girlfriend for introduction in the village, it will be his turn to help her understand that Irish potatoes never grow at farmer’s market in the city.

Let us celebrate diversity instead of making everybody be like us. All human experiences are valid and they are needed in our beautiful world.

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