Not Wealthy Not Poor: They Are A Strange Species

by on Jul.08, 2014, under Inspiration & Others

There is a group of people that I am yet to understand. They are half educated (schooled but not deeply learned), rich but not wealthy, youth/middle aged but not necessarily. Just like other groups of people that I have mastered, some members of this group are bad people.

It is hard to have an authentic discussion on anything with this group; they have a superficial outlook about life. They seem to know many things but none in particular, they are friendly with information but not with knowledge. They have a view on most things in life but without deep understanding of life and its underlying principles. They are happy though their happiness is not rooted on anything that will outlive them. They are masters of PR and they present themselves in a way that they want to be seen by the public.

When you compare them with the wealthy and low of the society, you discover how plastic their views on life are. The wealthy and low of the society are real; they have a near perfect idea about what life is. They have seen it all, they are authentic.  It is my conclusion that deeper understanding of life happens at the bottom and apex of the food web. The very few in the middle who are in touch with life they are the exceptions of the rule.

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