Police Officers are Good People

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images (1)I have believed for many years that police officers are good people and 1st of July 2014 went along way in validating my long held assumption. My relationship with the officers goes back to my high school days. I was among the few students whose parents were civilian at Utumishi Academy, a school that was built by police officers. Through sweat and hard labour the officers established a state of the art school in Gilgil. Ever since I have had a lot of hope in the ability of the officers to do good but many times I have been disappointed by what I see on the TV and stories from friends about the police officers’ misconduct.

On Monday 1st July at about 7:30 pm one of the Matatu drivers decided to change lanes at the roundabout without notice. His Decision left me without a side mirror. A few minutes later a police officer arrived at the scene, he judged the situation correctly and requested the Matatu driver to pay for his misdeeds. Meanwhile he used his smart phone to take photos of both our DL and insurance policies. He was to use this information to record the incidence in the Occurrence Book at the police station the following day. The truth is that this information reached the police station two days later. Despite the delay I am happy that the officer made use of technology and contrary to the common perception, the information was not doctored and better still I did not and could not pay a bribe.

From that incident I more convinced than before that government should urgently equip the police officers with modern gadgets to capture incidents and accidents real time to reduce delay and possible avenues for corruption. We can teach the officers customer service so that they can understand that they exist to service the public and without the public the officers will jobless.

Maybe the police service is changing while the public is fixated; maybe the public still thinks that the way to get service from an officer is by bribing them. It might be time the public re-evaluated its perception towards the police service. With a little soul search, it may turnout that the problem is with the public rather than the police: officers are our children.

On a different note, I take this opportunity to congratulate Mr. Maina the Principal of Utumishi Academy for being recognized as the Principal of the year 2014. Mr. Maina I celebrate you and urge you to continue moulding the young ones. Thank you for your long standing service to our beloved nation.

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