Mugo wa Wairimu and Robert Alai – Objectivity in Kenya

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Being objective in Kenya is easy. Those who support Mr. Robert Alai Onyango’s view point regard him as objective and fearless while those who support Mr. Mugo Wa Wairimu’s point of view regard him as factual and a patriot. To these two individuals, the politicians they support are 95% right and those they oppose are 5% right. It must be noted that 5% is too generous allocation to those they oppose. Their life goal is to unearth the ugliness of those they oppose not so much so as to bring to light the goodness of those they oppose. I must admit that they are better than majority of us because they are clear of their assignment here on earth and they have amassed enough courage to defend their ‘objective’ ideas. They will use all the abusive words and call others name as their royal supporters urge them on. If their supporters feel that they (Mr. Alai and Mr. Mugo) are not abusive enough they take over leadership from their mentors and make loaded statements disguised as comments on their heroes’ posts. Their form of objectivity is that anything that does not confirm to their world of view must be called names.

Then we have another group of objective thinkers in Kenya: the ‘fence seaters’, majority of us belong here during the day and in the public. By all definitions we label ourselves as objective. In order to criticise Mr. Raila we must invent unfounded mistakes committed by Mr. Uhuru or his father and bring it to the fore in order to sound fair and gain legitimacy to abuse Mr. Raila. This is the epitome of objectivity to majority of earth dwellers.

In Kenya we have to create a plastic/imaginary sense of fairness on three (3) issues: – tribe, politics and religion. For me to be objective in my criticism of a certain tribe I must show the flaws of the other tribe(s) before I hit my target. For me to speak about the current sins being committed by a certain religion I must excavate some 17th century sins committed by the other religions so that I appear balanced in my criticism. For me be objective I have to criticise CORD and Jubilee in the same sentence.

To remind Mr. Raila that he only respects law and intuitions if they favour him or to challenge him that if his call for dialogue and referendum was for the good of Kenyans and not for himself he should have mobilised his troops in parliament to enact laws that will bring the cost of living down and reduce insecurity. In the same paragraph I must remind Mr. Uhuru that mathematically speaking it is impossible to divide 18 ministries by 42 tribes but it is possible to have 18 tribes in the cabinet and the other tribes occupy the principle secretaries and head of parastatals positions. This is the only way I can be regarded as fair and objective.

I look forward to a day when tribalist, looters, religious fundamentalist and others that exhibit such traits will be called by their traits without going around the bush and that should be the sublime form of objectivity.

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