We Do Not Need The Government On This One

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So longer as little children are allowed to suffer, there is no true love in the world – Isidora Duncan

Who can file a case against them? Knowingly or unknowingly they give birth to numerous children hoping that one of them will be the family’s saviour. Most times they do not have the access to family planning. At times they do not believe the information about family planning. Maybe they preoccupy themselves with sex, drugs and alcohol because of idleness. Who shall help them? Who shall assist them to break ties with poverty?

It is known that God gives children, it is given that the maker of human beings saw it wise to give His creation a free will and as such all human beings have the right to design the path of  their lives. Of what value is the free will if the decisions we make results in lack of freedom for the makers of such decisions? What purpose will it serve to bring into this world five lives that you cannot take care of? Why do you bring into this world children who will be enslaved by the ugly chains of poverty? Shouldn’t  all people of child bearing age think twice before engaging in activities that bring more lives into this world.

If one must indulgence in such activities then she/he must match those activities with corresponding responsibility. We blame the government, we blame the economy and we blame the rich of the society for all  our problems. Perhaps we  justfied in blaming them but I am disturbed by our partiality. We do not take responsibility for anything, it is always the other person who is not doing enough. I believe that this world would be a better place if we stopped monitoring other people who are not doing their jobs and ensured that we do our Job. The old wisdom demands that we “cut our  coat according to our cloth”, don’t you think so?

Some children not only lack food they are abused physically and sexually (sometimes) by those who brought them into this world. Cannot we be poor and treat our children with dignity? I believe we can! We do not need money to value our children. As we blame the rich for their insensitivity we should also blame the poor who infringe on children’s rights. It may be true that world is made up of two tribes, but not the tribes of the rich and poor, it is the tribe of the people who value life and decency and the tribe that is otherwise.

In short, we do not need money to stop bringing into the world children we cannot care for; we do not need money to bring up our children with love. All we need are people with hearts of love and determination to do right, this will alleviate the suffering experienced by God’s creation: the little children.


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