Uhuru Kenyatta joins the likes of Mandela and Bush

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indexWhereas the Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta was born near power and spent his formative years at state house, nothing in his demeanour portrays a power hungry individual. He comes out as an individual whose royal birth did not affect his character. Unlike many who are born with power and status, Uhuru has had a lot to prove and explain, yet has he had done it with grace. He comes out as an individual who wants to use power for greater good. It can be said of him that he is a man of great power and purpose. He is comfortable in his element.

Love him or hate him, he has pulled many first ones on us, he demystified the presidency, his style of appointing the cabinet was largely admired, his relationship with his deputy is fantastic, his political opponents have nothing fundamental against him, his charisma on the global stage is admirable, he forgave the stone/shoe thrower of Migori and now he has put country first by leaving his power behind and going to the Hague as an a private individual. On appointing his deputy to act on his behalf, this is a practise in mature democracies and only political saints like Mandela and Bush can attempt this.

Last week (the first week of October 2014) I wanted to write a post to the president, to urge him to honour the sermons at ICC, my central argument was to be that his obedience to the court sermons was good for the country and for him as a person. I also wanted to remind him that those around him who are encouraging him not to honour the court sermons, will not be with him when a warrant of arrest is issued.  As the week progressed, I had a feeling that the president will choose what is best for the nation hence there was no need to preach to the converted, hence I did not write.

Little did I know the son of Jomo had taken his maverick conduct to a whole new level, whereas the nation was fixated with whether he should go or not. He devised the Uhuru way: Go without the Power. Uhuru is a man with who has surprised us positively for the past two years.

Last word: If Uhuru was to fully implement his manifesto; his legacy may not need 10 years to cemented but just 5.

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