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There is nothing in the world that a junior secondary student needs more than a sense of direction, identity and hope of a bright tomorrow. The entrance of Myles Munroe (MM) in my world came with those basic needs for a teenager.  As a student I was privileged and blessed to have teachers who understood that schooling goes beyond classroom teaching. Mr. Mburu in particular understood how to influence the next generation. Through the YouTube of his generation: Videotapes he introduced to us men and women whom he thought will impact our lives for good, three stand out Mother Teresa, TD Jakes and Myles Munroe.

Since high school MM has remained my teacher, it is amazing how God has aligned for us teachers along the path of life. Some of them we will never meet yet there lives make our lives rich and better, MM was that person to me. His messages were facts laced with a divine touch of intellectualism and coated with humour.

On three occasions MM’s messages have shaped my outlook on life. While I was in high school, his personal story of how he overcame racism and poor grades in primary to earn several doctorates and became one of the most authoritative thinkers of our times on the subject of leadership, reminded me and he still does reminds me that I have no reason/excuse for failing in any undertaking.

After high school, I came across his teaching about the 7Ps: Purpose, Potential, Passion, Plan, People, Persistence and Prayers. As it is with all great teachers, he taught what is known to all but understood or practised by a few if not none. The 7Ps are the building block of a success and fulfilling life. In a couple of years when I preached my first sermon at the University on Thursday 13th March 2013 I modelled these same principles. Today the same principles govern my undertakings.

Most recently he revealed to us what a Kingdom Economy is and he laboured tirelessly to help us understand the difference between the Kingdom Economy and the World Economy. Maybe his legacy may lie in reminding the world that Capitalism and Communism have failed to greater degrees; we need a new Economy which is governed by the Kingdom Principles.

The announcement of MM passing away is devastating but for a man who taught us how to die empty, we are comforted that he died empty; he left all the wisdom in our hearts, in video recording and in books.

May the souls of all the nine people who perished in the plane crush rest in internal peace.

MM: mentor, comrade and fellow soldier rest in peace, I will say to you what I say to all those whose teachings and lives offers mine lessons, it was not in vain that you were born; it was not in vain that you taught me, I must do something for humanity with the knowledge and wisdom I gained from you.

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