Dashed Hope

by on Nov.16, 2013, under Politics & Patriotism

3307645968_cf64bcca45_zDecember 2002 saw Nairobi acquire a new administration while Washington, Moscow and Beijing watched in disbelieve, Africa had learnt to manage its affairs. This was best captured by the Nigeria president then, ‘Africa is finding African solutions to African problems.’ December 2002 and January 2003 was the time for the new leaders to promise a turnaround of the Kenyans economy. They promised heaven to the citizens. The youth’s hope in our mother land was rejuvenated.

Mothers envisioned a beautiful country for their children to grow in, while fathers nurtured ambitious plans to build an empire that Napoleon never built in the 18th century. With great hope, the nation matched on. Months later it emerged that you can only push the development and correction of past mistakes to a certain level. Have you ever imagined what can happen when a drunkard is entrusted with a responsibility of confiscating illicit brew? I know you are aware of what will happen. I do not want to say that the same happened in Nairobi, but if do not say it, who will say it.

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