Security Bill: Play Politics to Secure Our Nation

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My prayers are with the men and women whom have to make the difficult decisions to ensure that the nation’s security and freedom is upheld. I believe that they are away of the privileged position they have in history. Not all man/women are blessed with the ability to understand the times they live in. Neither does history record every mundane act of all men and women that live under the sun. Those who are fortunate to be part of the history of their generation are judged on either they were on the right side of history or not. I pray that the lot mandated in making for laws for our mother land will be guided by world best practises on security world-wide. They will be guided by the true picture of the challenges of our times. They will be guided by the memory of many lives that have been lost due to rampant insecurity in our nation. They will be guided by love of mother land and not politics.

Based on our recent dark history it will be wise to error on the side of caution in the way we amend our constitution. We may need to give the powers to National Intelligence Service and other security organs to deal with the sorry state of our security but we should ensure that the powers are well checked by Security Council or committee.

During the discussions on the security bill we should be weary of two groups of politicians; first, those who lecture us on Intelligence gathering and the role of intelligence on our security. Yet during the discussions on how the Intelligence Service will achieve that end, those politicians do not offer any practical and smart idea on the same. One may be forced to conclude that those politicians naively believe that Intelligence Personnel are miracle workers who rely on some form of supernatural power to see our enemies. Modern Intelligence is technology based and as such some freedoms will be given away. The politicians should tell the people the whole truth.
Secondly, we should also be weary of politicians who tell us that we cannot have both freedom and security. This is the highest display of poverty of ideas and fertile minds for extremist views.

I wish all Kenyans a sober debate on the security bill, let us be open to ideas, including amending the constitution, after all the constitution was made for us and not us for the constitution.

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