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The Blogger

  1. I have spent years asking questions like how can humans live in harmony? How can we have a better world? I have not gotten the answers but I have some ideas that I want to share in this blog.
  2. I am schooled both in business studies (Human Resource Management) and physical science (Physics), this has helped me to get varied perspectives on life.
  3. I have spent 17 years of studying, observing, following and practicing leadership.
  4. A believer that the highest level of leadership is self-leadership.
  5. I am not a fanatic of any political ideology or political personality though I respect numerous political figures. I do so with full knowledge that they are immortal and prone to mistakes and so I am.

Why should I be the bearer of this message? 

              Why should you read my writings? Why should you believe me?

  1. I believe that there is a message that needs to be delivered, I offer myself as the messenger not because I am the most qualified, knowledgeable and or resolute, on the contrary I know many souls that in all measures are better than me and I am sure you also know many, yet life has it that each one of us was assigned a little corner to do a little-something for humanity. At the same time the question of ‘who will bell the Cat’ has never been answered and it will never be answered, I am just trying to see if I can contribute towards the belling of the Cat for my generation.
  2. I am passionate about all the topics/segments on this blog. Each of them is close to my heart; hence the writings herein are communication from my heart to your heart. Heart to heart conversations.
  3. I believe that the issues herein are crucial for the existence and progress of humanity and my desire is to make a contribution on issues that affect our species.
  4. My diverse academic background from both pure sciences to business related studies gives me a balanced outlook on many aspects of life and empowers me with the necessary tools to tackle the diverse subjects.
  5. Thanks to my creator He deposited in me a bit of the inquisitive mind, which is at work always to find answers to past, current and future questions but more importantly dreaming of a better future for all of us.
  6. I truly love people, I love Kenya, I love Africa and I love the World.
  7. I promise to model my writings in my own behaviour, I may fall short many days but at all times I will strive to live a life that models my own writings.
  8. I am a student of the world. Since school could not accommodate my appetite for learning I applied and I was admitted into a bigger and better classroom: The World. Having been a student in the “World University” for a while now, I believe there some lessons that I can share with you as I continue to learn more.
  9. Feedback from you; I am going to listen to you, observe you and receive feedback from you. I sense it is you who is communicating, I am just a conduit.


  1. Business

Through trade and commerce, individuals and nations prosper. Production is a key component of development and business enables it. I am a firm believer that prosperous businesses care about people (employees, customers and the community); hence a good business profits its employees, customers and the community. I believe that the management and staff of every business should be a good representative of its consumers (diversity in the workforce).

Ethics is the oil that lubricates the business and I am devoted to see ethics entrenched in the day to day running of the businesses.

I want to see well equipped employees work in areas that make use of their strengths for the benefits of themselves, the business and the society.

My philosophy is that good management and governance offers direction and motivation needed for business prosperity. This component of the business determines the other components; the business has to get it right from the start.

I want to see profitable businesses that take care of its employees, satisfy its customers and care for the community in which they trade.

  1. Education & Learning

I concluded long ago that learning goes beyond the boundaries of school. Although some people learn something in the process of being educated (a case where learning and being educated coincide), it is invaluable to understand that not all educated people are learned. The issue here is not whether school is important or not, the issue is that one is in school very few years to claim that he is learned. I will use this platform to promote education and learning. My philosophy is that the classroom is not in school alone it is where an individual is located. Let us make use of the broader classroom.

I am a firm supporter of lifelong learning and I will use this platform to pitch for the same.

My dream is to have a learned world, whether through school or self-learning, learning must continue.

  1. Faith

The only thing I can do to a person of a different religion or ‘no religion’, nationality, race, tribe, character etc. is to love them.  I believe that all human beings are my father’s sons and daughters. Sometimes in a family, we may have a black sheep but this does not take away the right of being a daughter or a son. Some sons and daughters may disown their families, this does not negate the fact that they were born into that family. All human beings are related, it is my duty to love all my relatives.

I agree that it is possible to do good without being influenced by religion (although I may have questions about your motivations and who is influencing you). I also accept that it is possible to be a good person and not be a religious person. It is possible for us to set laws/rules on every aspect of our lives and eliminate the police and judiciary, then let the people to follow the laws and rules by themselves.

However, history is full of individuals and nations that break laws and rules, hence no nation in the world that has overgrown the need for law enforcers. The most developed like America have them, the least developed like Congo DRC has them. The fastest growing like China, we know their budgets on defence and security are not any this world has ever imagined. The most Holy ones like Israel have law enforcers and the otherwise like the Dutch have them.

We all need a certain level of accountability. We need someone beyond reproach to hold us accountable. On our own we may commit to being good, to remain benevolent to all humans but it is not sustainable because we have nobody to energize us, to rejuvenate us, to empower us, to correct us. That is God (the God of Abraham, Jacob and Isaac), I believe in him and I am persuaded that he is able.

My God is a God of choice; it is my (your) prerogative to worship him. He has given me (you) a free will and does not force me (you) to worship Him. If I (you) choose to desert Him, he will not hold me (you) back. He is my moral compass and a loving father. He requires that I (you) love my (your) enemies and that I (you) pray for them in order for them to succeed and prosper. I bless those who curse me. He does not and He will not demand of me to eliminate my enemies. The most important thing is that he has forgiven my sins and has promised me life after my death. I challenge anyone to show me one good thing that my good is against.

  1. Family & Love

It is ridiculous on one hand that nations are buying the idea that you can unite millions of people in imaginary boundaries; order them to love each other and live in harmony with each other.  While on the other hand the same nations advance the view that two people (a couple) cannot make peace between themselves, hence they can divorce. If two people cannot live together how will the nation live together?

We channel our resources in the wrong direction. May be nations should channel more resources into families than in internal security. In the family we learn to live with each other, we learn to care for others.  It is our first institution in life. It is a government, it needs funding to take good care of the members. May be when the family is well funded will not need many prisons, correction centre, courts etc. Parents will stop the rat race and take care of their children, they will send full baked individuals into the society, producers and not only consumers. It is in a family that learn how to love, to love ourselves, to love others and love God.

We need to invest more in the family because it is the venue where all the formative dramas of one’s life are staged. The family sends out all kinds of individuals to the nation. Broadly I could say two individuals; those who are a liability to the state and those who are asset to the state. The latter is taxed heavily to foot the bills of the former. They even pay a higher price when the former come knocking at their doors to steal from them.

The family is such an important government, that anybody who is interested in the welfare of a nation has to take care of the family first.

  1. Inspirational & Others   

Human being exists in such a complex world, the many dimensions of this world may not be understood by a single individual or organisation. In fact I dare say that it takes everybody on earth to give a full picture of the earth. I intend to give my take on various issues other than the one addressed by the other six categories of this blog.

I will try to tackle general issues that are pertinent to the human story. If I inspire someone here I will be getting closer to my objective for this segment. I intend to write human stories, issues that affect us daily. I intend to inspire and challenge someone.

I agree with the observation that motivation is short-lived but inspirational is for posterity, I want to be part of those who are inspiring our generation and future generation.

  1. Leadership and Governance

Whereas leadership is wide, I will spend some time on leadership theory but the majority of the time will be spent political, business, religious, academic and family leadership.  In Kenya and indeed in many other nations we have the talents, we have the human capital, we have the natural resources but we lack selfless and visionary leaders to point us to the apex and keep us going there. The leadership vacuum has crippled us for so long, we refuse to remain in that state any more second. Too many leaders, too little leadership is not our heritage.

This category will also tackle the following areas: –

  • Academic Leadership
  • Political Leadership
  • Business Leadership
  • Religious Leadership
  • Family leadership

If I am able to show that we are all leaders at different levels and inspire transformational leadership among the earth dwellers then I will be heading toward the objective for this segment.

  1. Politics and Patriotism

Human beings are political animals. This is evident in the large numbers that turnout for political rallies, the political headlines in our local dailies. We are political beings. Politics plays a big role in our lives whether we accept it or not. We cannot let politics to the politicians, they will increase VAT which affects us.

The question I intend to address is how we affect politics positively so that politics affects us positively in return.  If we are not deliberate in our dealings with politics, it will haunt us forever.

Ours has been story of too many citizens and too few patriots, I want to start rewriting a contrary story to this story.






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