Thank God I Can Choose My Friends

by on Mar.28, 2015, under Family & Love

There are friends whose presence propels me into unexplanable eloquence, whose company makes a philosopher out of a mere village boy. I am at my best in subjects that I have very little training in. Gifts in me that I know nothing about are awakened in their presence. I cruise across the political arena with such ease that can only be expected from skilful master of yesteryears such as Churchill and JF Kennedy. I delve in religion like the heroes of faith. My intellect is always at its best in the presence of true friends. We share in details and demand that everything may be made plain; nothing that affects us or fellow human beings that is off topic for discussions.

Despite the teachings of the wiser one that friendship is not about what we get from our friends about what we give to them. I choose not to use your time and my energy to list what I have done for my friends that is for them to say on their platforms, mine is to reflect on what our friendship means to me. I will confine myself not on the tangible benefit of friendship but on the imperceptible ones.

Friendship is inspiration, it is presence. The thought of knowing that someone will be there for me is comforting. Being around, even without saying a word is reassuring. Remembering me in their prayers is uplifting. My friends are my ambassadors, they champion my ideas and writings whether I am with them or not. Thanks friends, your contribution in my life is neither greatest in the number of visits you have paid me nor in the amount of resources you have advanced to me. Your greatest contribution to me is when you lock yourself is a silent place and say a prayer for me and just for me, it is when you give my ideas an ear and pick something for your use and propagate the rest for other people’s use.

I am certain that in the final analysis of thing, I will be able to say, if days were happier, if life was bearable, if love was experienced, if lessons were learnt, it was courtesy of my friends, they made life easier.

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