Kenya’s Ugliest Couple: Corruption and Tribalism

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Kenya only suffers from two evils: corruption and tribalism, the rest of the challenges that bedevils the nation are offsprings of the above two. If we liberate ourselves from corruption and tribalism we will then take our place among the community of respectable and progressive nations. Given the location of our nation, the acreage of arable land, the breath taking scenery, the natural resources within our boarders and most importantly the industrious and innovative people we have, our position is among the developed nations. We should reclaim our position by slaying the dragon of corruption and extinguishing the flames of tribalism.

The main challenge in the war against corruption and negative ethnicity is that the chosen and self-appointed champions in the fight are more corrupt and tribal than the current perpetrators. The government, the politicians, the civil societies, the commentators and the common mwananchi all love our nation but love it differently. Some politicians, commentators and civil societies lead others in portraying their “love” for our motherland. They have “in-depth” understanding of the issues troubling our beloved nation. They have made a career in ignoring any positive developments in our country while pointing out what the government is not doing or ought to do.

The self-appointed generals in the war against corruption and negative ethnicity are the very source of our fail. Some of them have been in the government before and apart from sycophancy, corruption and nepotism and tribalism they have nothing to show for the time they were in government. Yet they are the new Paul of the Gospel of good governance. If our nation is to have the corrupt, the nepotistic, the tribalists and the sycophants as the ambassadors of anti-corruptions then the war will be lost before it starts. Majority of the crusaders of anti-corruption are only envious of those in power, we have seen what they can do when they get power. The other fighters of corruption and tribalism are the Naysayers, the Prophets of doom and some NGO whose pay cheque depends on how negative they are towards their own nation.

Any campaigner who is serious about real change can learn a lot from the struggle for self-determination in India, the struggle for equality of races in South Africa and USA. The wars were not won when the crusaders demonised their opponents. The wars were won when the fighters loved their opponents. I do not know a strong union that is built entirely on criticism whether it is the union between nations or between man and woman. There is a place for criticism but criticism is not the best method for learning, most educators will go for positive reinforcement as the preferred method of teaching and learning.

I look forward for the day when we will have people who LOVE this country as the champions of the war against corruption and tribalism.

I look forward to the day when Kenyans will not VOTE for the tribal chiefs, the corrupt and the lords of impunity.

I look forward to the day when Kenyans will REJECT lectures and press conferences from ‘leaders’ who have been in government yet they did not do what they are telling the government of the day to do.

I look forward to a corruption FREE nation.

I look forward to a nation UNITED under one tribe: The Kenyan Tribe, better still, The Human Tribe.

I BELIEVE that one day my beloved motherland will be free from the brutality of corruption and chains of tribalism.

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