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Kenyan Flag

Kenyan Flag

Against my better judgement in mid July 2015, I silenced the urge to write a prescription for the International Media (in particular CNN) on what they should report about Kenya during President Obama’s visit. Given the previous juvenile sensational reporting by CNN on Kenyan elections in 2013, I felt that I should advise and to a great extend educate CNN and the likes that Kenya is home to decent people. After a long internal debate I come to a conclusion that two wrongs cannot make a right, the free media has a conscious and it should never be guided.

I have turned to CNN for comprehensive coverage of business stories by Richard Quest. I have turned to CNN for deeply intellectual analysis by Fareed Zakaria. I have turned to CNN for human stories and other informative coverage by myriad of refined Journalists. CNN is the place to advertise the magic country called Kenya. I am deeply saddened by the persistent misrepresentation and hyperbolic stories from an organization with sufficient financial resources and excellent human resources to carry out in-depth factual reporting.

Kenya is the home to a Nobel laureate Wangari Mathai and the villains who tortured her. Kenya is the home to David Rudisha and a few runners who want to use a short to attain victory through doping. Kenya is the home to Professor Ngugi wa Thiongo and a few academic dwarfs posing as analysts. Kenya is the home of UNEP and a few slums. Kenya is the home to the best wildlife on the continent and a few poachers. There is so much beauty in Kenya that any negative within is out numbered. We do not expect that you will sing our praises but we do not expect that you paint us black yet we are black and white.

On a different note, President Obama, welcome to Kenya, while here sample our hospitality, wildlife and above all enjoy the warmth of the African people.

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