A Commission of Inquiry into Jonah’s Conduct

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Imagine the Almighty forming a commission of inquiry into Jonah’s outright disobedience of God. Imagine the best brains of Jonah’s days being the members of the commission. Assume that the commission was to give its recommendations while the ship was still in the rough water. I have asked myself what could have been the recommendation, here are some of the possible recommendations from the commissions:-

  1. The ship should come back off shore so that Jonah takes the right ship to Nineveh.
  2. The ship should be ordered to head to Nineveh with immediate effect.
  3. Jonah must deliver the message to Nineveh and stern action should be taken against him and any other individual who may disregard God’s orders now and in the future.
  4. Jonah and the likes should be sentenced to instant death.

I am sure the commission would not reach a consensus, nevertheless they could present their recommendations to the appointing authority. God would look at the recommendations and say I was and I am right, “my ways are not man’s ways…” then He could summon one of His creations (the great fish) to deliver Jonah to Nineveh.

God specialises in making ways where seems to be no way. To man the fish at best could have run away from Jonah and at worst it could have eaten him alive. To God the fish offers Marine Services. Call it innovation, thinking out of the box or a miracle, God seems to be at peace with all.

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