Slow Down Before Old Age Or Sickness Or Death Does

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Once in a while it is okay to slow down, to walk slowly, call it being aimless or call it lack of ambition or even loitering but slow down occasionally. If you are in traffic jam, whether the policewoman signals your side to move or not, do not be anxious. Switch off your engine and take it ease. When the red light goes off and it is time to move but the motorist in front of you is asleep, do not curse or hoot at him, it is okay for others too to take a rest, sometimes at your expense. When you are on foot and another pedestrian pushes aside, say sorry to her or him and never curse, move on knowing it is human to error. At the Zebra crossing you do not have to cross immediately the last car passes, take your time as the road clears completely.

Remember Pascal (the great French Mathematician) went to the market severally yet he had no intention of buying anything apart from establishing how happy he was without all the things at the market. Look at the watch not to agonise how time is flying but to find out how much more time you have got to do nothing, idle, disregard the time altogether. Slow down further, whether it is 2pm, or 10pm, do not worry walk even slower than before, when one wants to overtake you, happily allow them to do so. When a Matatu pulls by, you do not have to use it. I mean you are not the first one to rush and you will not be the last one.

Admire the work of art on your way, look at the magnificent buildings (even those that are otherwise, that is nature, it is never perfect throughout.) Look at the sky and identify the star patterns. Take a walk in the forest and see nature. Knock somebody (it is not intentional, you were absent minded), say sorry to them and never take what s/he says personal, smile and move on. Buy yourself a chocolate if it is your heart’s desire. Sit beside the road and see that world move past you, it is not yet the end of the world.

Have time for kids, they are adorable angels here on earth. I cannot imagine what the world could be without kids. Smile at them, play with them (it is never a waste of time) and don’t teach them anything if you cannot learn from them (they are master teachers).

Do not worry that you have a big tittle or a husband or a wife, slow down, be imperfect at least once, cry if it drives you into harmony with the universe and your maker. Laugh uncontrollably if it unlocks your creativity. If you see someone ahead of you who is participating in a rat race, don’t be attracted, remember you are not a rat. Forget that you have a date, a job to do before 4pm. Slow down at least once before you are slowed down by death, sickness or old age, practice for the three well before they catch up with you. It is okay your contribution is enormously needed by the world, but you are not the sole engine that runs the affairs of this globe, you are just but a single block that will be used just before the roof. The building is still at the foundation stage, you might not be needed now; slow down you will get there.


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