United Nations: We Need A New Dream

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Martin Luther the king moved the world into action in 1964 when he eloquently outlined his dream for a free and a United America. Who thought that America with all its advancement in human endeavours could segregate its people of colour! The Blacks were second class citizen for many generations. Some Whites with devilish black hearts were determined to stop the advancement of the Black race. Very few people anywhere in the world believed that tide could change in favour of Black minority, yet the wind of change blew as they have always done. During the Dark Age in America, an angel of light was born, he had a dream for free nation, a nation where all children (black and white) had equal blessings from the nation’s resources. As Martin Luther hoped against hope for a better America, we too must hope that the United Nations will choose renewal over extinction.

Like King I have a dream that one day the United Nations will become a people’s darling, a centre of hope, a home of peace and a fountain of liberty and equality. For this to happen the United Nations has to be funded, managed and owned by all for all the member state equally, as the wise one once said that there is nothing that is for us without us.

Funding is one of the key components of any organization. Some years ago Pakistan wanted to register all the religious organizations and groups, one of the requirements for registration were to mention the source(s) for the organization funds. As expected most organisations and groups never registered because they protested naming the source(s) of their funds. What do we learn here? The organisation or group being funded and the source of the funds is one and the same. If the United Nations will be funded by a few nations then its policies will be a duplicate of those nation’s policies. What we continue experience is a case where the funders say in public, “let the people decide,” but in private they say, “the people’s decision is only valid if it rhymes with ours.”

In the new United Nations, each member state should have a single vote. This will ensure that a decision of the United Nations is a decision of all nations hence biding for all. When the body is managed by all, then it will be owned by all. It is inconceivable if Donald Trump or Bill Gates or Richard Branson or Dangote each had five million votes in their respective countries because they are rich. UN can’t be run by a few member states but belongs to all member states.

I do not know of any democratic reason why the United Nation continues to hold five permanent members in the Security Council. I propose that the General assembly takes it current shape and form, but the Security Council should be reconstituted as follows: – Assume that UN is made up of 200 member states. This can be divided into 4 Regimes; it will lead to 50 members per Regime. Then member states should be allocated in a manner that ensures that each Regime has approximately equal countries/states from each continent/region. Finally each regime should be in charge for five years. A decision is made when 90% of the Regime Members vote in favour of that decision.

Modern technology (e.g. video conferencing) should be used for meetings and voting, so that nations may not have to spend much money and time in Regime meetings. There should be no secrets about the voting, for any vote taken the results should be on UN website immediately. The whole world should know who voted for or against what.

The future of our world lies in our actions today. Let us dream and act together for a real United Nations.

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