America’s New Political Parties

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It is obvious to many people that America has two dominant political parties. I am sure you guessed Republican and Democratic, you are not alone many people are fixated in the America of the 80s and before, the America of Ronald Reagan and JF Kennedy. The only enduring thing about America is its pursuit of the American Dream, everything else changes. Again who said that the American Dream must be attained through the Republican or the Democratic party, no one. If you have watched the changing political scene in the 2016 America Primaries then you are aware that the Republican Party and the Democratic Party as we knew them in the past they are dead. What is left is a people who are nostalgic for the parties of Reagan and Kennedy. The parties of Reagan and Kennedy knew the difference between political competition and interests of the American people; they knew that political parties belonged to America and not the other way round. They loved America and the American people. Those parties are not in existence anymore. Occupy Wall Street and the Tea Party were the first major public signals that America has new parties.

The first party is led by Donald Trump and his assistant Bernie Sanders. The name of the part may not be out yet but its followers are called Trumpsters. It is the party that carries the old American spirit of searching for new frontiers; they are both angry and hungry. They have been disappointed many times by career politicians and the establishment. It is the party of the outsiders, the rejects. It has been observed correctly that we do not choose our revolutionary, they just appear and we follow them. It is also worth noting that most revolutionaries are strange characters (Napoleon, Mandela, Joan of Arc and Che Guevara) at least in the beginning. Time refines them. The Trumpsters’ party slogan is “Make America Great Again”, it is about America and the American people, not the candidates.

The second party is led by Hillary Clinton and her assistants Marco Rubio and John Kasich and maybe Ted Cruz (although he is more in the middle). We will call its followers Clintonians as they struggle to find a name. This is the party that is happy to repaint status quo with a different colour, then celebrate its great achievement. It is party in denial that America is currently just a bystander on the global stage. When Trumpsters dream of making America great again, the Clintonians want to make America whole again, short of admitting that America isn’t great anymore. The Clintonians’ party slogan is “Hillary for America”, it is either Hillary or no America, and this is the attitude of the Clintonians.

America will only thrive if the winning party sees the opponents as fellow Americans and not as enemies as it is the case currently.

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