Human Interests!!!

by on Jul.31, 2016, under Inspiration & Others

Self-interest propels most of our pursuits, do we have any human interest left? The quest of self-interest is both international and local. More often than not if US proposes an agenda at the UN Security Council, China or Russia opposes it and vice versa. In Kenya during the constitution making period, most Kamba, Kikuyu and Mijikenda supported the adoption of the constitution and they referred to themselves as friends of change and advocates of democracy. Whereas most Kalejins opposed the constitution and they were seen as retrogressive. Months later when the Interim Independent Boundary Commission (IIBC) realised the list of the proposed new constituencies most Kalejins, Luo, Luhya celebrated the creation of the new constituencies; they became the new heroes of democracy and friends of change while most Kikuyu, the Kamba and the Mijikenda were not happy with the proposal they became the enemies of progress and anti-reforms.

Must occurrences around us be acceptable to us and if not such occurrences must be reversed? Is it that those who do not share our views are enemies of democracy and they are retrogressive, yet when they cross to our side, overnight, they become progressive? When you watch Hillary describing Trump and vice versa during the American election 2016, you may think they don’t not belong to the same country, depending on who is speaking you may think the other is going to burn the country if s/he becomes president. Is there a better way (humane) to deal with our competitors?

I accept that life is about interests and not principles, even those who pursue principles have repackaged their interests as principles, this is true in today’s world. Given that people will always purse their interests, is it possible to have human interests? Is it possible for all humans to be inspired by what is human? The big question is what is human? Where is it? Who is the custodian of what is human? Writers, sociologists, anthropologist, psychologist, and theologians help me out. We need to rediscover and popularize human interests. We need a new frame of mind in which humans can coexist. The new world order should be based on what is human, not what is American, African or Luhya, but what is human.


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