America: Lead or Get out of the Way

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Sean Neber

Sean Neber

Many days in 2008 I stayed up late or woke up in the wee hours of the night to listen to Senator Obama’s inspirational speeches. His words were a spring of fresh water in the land submerged in dirty political waters. American politics stinks and Senator Obama promised to purify it if he won the elections in 2008. His words were refreshing as the timeless Christian Hymns. I must say that I was amazed that such a candid politician existed in the world full pretenders hiding behind political correctness. I held on each word he said and believed that he was wise enough to figure out what he could change and what he couldn’t. In my view, the greatest promise that Senator Obama made to the American people was that he was going to change the politics of Washington. The gridlock that characterizes the American politics has been airlifted to many capitals of the world. Politics remains one of the greatest exports of America to the world.

After 8 years of President Obama the United States of 2016 is a nation that cannot even define itself. It is not sure whether it a superpower or not, it is not sure of its place and role in the world. When the Secretary of State Kerry visited Kenya in August 2016, he said US was not supporting any candidate in the upcoming Kenyan General Election. What makes Mr. Kerry think that the world suspects the US to have a preferred candidate in the upcoming election? From which position was Mr. Kerry making that statement? Why cannot a country like Sweden or Rwanda send it top diplomat to Kenya assure Kenyans that they will not be supporting any candidate in the coming elections? Does he think that America is the prefect of the world? If not, why is Mr. Kerry moving from capital to capital telling nations what to do and what not to do? About South Sudan, Mr. Kerry said the SS leaders must implement the peace agreement. If it is not Mr. Kerry, it is president Obama, in April 2016 president Obama visited UK and he said that Britain should remain in the EU or else Britain will be sent at the back of the queue. In 2012 Obama warned the Syria’s Administration not to cross the red line and if they did there were to face serious consequences. I don’t know of any line (leave alone the red one) that has not be crossed in Syria.

Obama is the first black president of America and most likely the last president of America (the America we have known in the last 50 years). The World has become a more dangerous place under President Obama’s watch. New conflicts have emerged in Syria, Ukraine and Libya. The old conflicts in Iraq, DRC, Palestine- Israel, South Sudan, Afghanistan and Somalia still rages on, while disquiet prevail in many countries like Egypt, Nigeria, Greece, Turkey and Tunisia. The world has experienced the greatest number of refugees since the end world war. Terror Attacks have claimed many lives across the world, Kenya, Nigeria, Libya, Egypt, Belgium, German, France, Portugal and US.

Under Obama’s watch, America left the Syria situation to deteriorate, America sent out signals that it was not the police of world but on the other hand the America top diplomat has flown into several capitals issuing warning and directives, one wonders if America is still the leader of the world or they have leadership hangovers. America must lead or declare categorically they are not the police of world. Words of the officers imply that America is the leader of the world but actions shows that America isn’t. Leaders must be clear in declaring their objectives and positions. I cannot tell what America regards as its place and role in the world. America, give a clear signal that you are no longer in-charge to pave way for rebuilding of the UN. America, Russia and China must get out of the way of the UN, so that nations of the world may reconstitute and reconstruct the UN which can offer leadership to the World.

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