2016: The Turning Point, Part I

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I do not know how my two years old son came to know about Brexit, he could be heard around the house saying, “mummy I want to eat my Brexit.” Surely just like the world did not see Brexit coming I have not figured out how my son or anybody for that matter can refer to biscuit as Brexit. As strange as this may be, biscuit turning into Brexit is no as shocking as the reality the UK exited the European Union. 2016 will go down as the year of strange happenings, indeed it is not too early to claim that the world has taken a turn, yes, a turn like the one after the World War II or the one experienced after the fall of the Berlin Wall.

It is only in America where one of the world’s top 300 richest person becomes an outsider, a David and he takes on the world and he wins. After careful consideration I have come to a conclusion that the battle between David and Goliath was child play compared to the battle between Trump and the whole world. David was on only concerned with slaying Goliath while Trump faced about 15 formidable contenders to be the nominee of his party. His own party was not enthusiastic about him, none of the former presidents including those from his own party supported him, he faced the establishment of both the major parties, he faced the well-oiled Clinton machine which is feared by millions, he was up against the lyrical voices and dollars of Hollywood, local and global mega businesses disliked him, whenever his ratings improved the stock markets went south,  libels around the world predicted a doomsday if he ever gets to the white house while the conservatives were sceptical to say the least, he faced the global media and millions if not billions of private individuals and politicians around the world bitterly expressed their opposition to him, many elements used religion and race to derail his match to the White House. Despite the uphill battle, on the 9th of November 2016, I watched State after State being called for Trump. Historians, spin doctors, strategists and students of politics were handed the greatest political story of all times to analyse and file returns in books, magazines, and lectures.

It took Obama more than 50 years to realize that the Russians are not his uncles, like Americans they are looking for money, power and fame. America is 240 years project, it will survive Obama. I am disturbed that despite his greying hair, he still harbours the attitude that he is the only one who real understands the challenges that the world faces and knows how to solve the challenges. He forgets that all of us cannot love those he loves and hate those he hates, we too have the ability to figure out who our enemies are and who our friends are. Due to his poor leadership over the last 8 years his exit is good for the world.

Large parts of Middle East, South Sudan, Libya among other parts of the world continue to loose lives and property just because the people in those areas are the collateral damage as the powerful nations and the security council guard their interests. People in war zones are bets for the rich and powerful to use to acquire more power and resources. After many years of lying to ourselves that we have a Security Council, I formally declare the “security council” to be Insecurity Council, so that we can seek to reform it. How else could you call a council under whose watch Syria, Central African Republic, South Sudan, Libya, DRC, Burundi, Somalia, Iraq, and Afghanistan among others are at war.

Part II Coming Soon

Happy New Year, seek to offer leadership in 2017. It is in short supply world over yet critical for survival and success of humanity.

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