2016: The Turning Point, Part II

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See Part I, Published on 31st December 2016

There were rumours of hope in some African states, when ruling parties started to lose elections and some octogenarian “misleaders” promised to relinquish power soon, of course, hope was moderated with many other octogenarians and near octogenarians who laundered themselves into power through stage managed elections.

It was the year Fidel Castro bowed out, yet revolutionaries never die, they mutate. Across the globe the number of people named after Castro is astonishing, yet when I watched the mourning around the world and the celebration of Castro’s death in Miami, I wondered to myself, why we human beings like that: good and bad. Castro was truly human.

Lasting peace was tested by the Colombians, I pray that hope and not fear and revenge will be the guiding light for the Colombians as they seek to lay grip on the much need durable peace. I am praying that 2017 will be the year that peace will finally be theirs.

At the tail end of 2016 there was gleam of hope for Syria, when a nationwide cease fire was signed, it is our prayer for 2017 and beyond that the Syrians who have never had peace for half a decade will experience peace in their public squares, homes and most importantly within their hearts.

My own country of Kenya was visited by effective and moral leadership at the ministry of Education. My academic senior Dr. Matiang’i, through his leadership has reminded us that Kenya is able to pull itself from the bottomless pit of mediocrity to the mountain peak of excellence. Those of us who are allergic to cheating in any form have mourned the rampant theft that exists in our learning institutions for years. In about a year Dr. Matiang’i has been in office he has constantly exposed the rot in the system. How can one explain that in 2015 over 2600 students obtained an “A” in their final secondary exams while in 2016 only 141 obtained the same grade? Please Matiang’i, in 2017, shine your bright light in institution of higher learning.

On personal level I have looked deeply into the heart of leadership and I have come to shed off the notion that all good leaders are good people. Good leaders make a choice to lead daily, they are full of shortcomings but they are focused on the goal and nothing can stop them. They are good judges of character and pick the best to work for them. Next time you see someone who has effective people working for him/her just know he or her is a good leader irrespective of what else you know about them.

Happy New Year, seek to offer leadership in 2017. It is in short supply world over yet critical for survival and success of humanity. I have a feeling that 2017 is going to be the best year for the world so far.  

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