Bye Obama, Part II

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Part I on domestic outlook was posited on 27 March 2017

World Stage

I believe that ethical and effective leadership is imperative for nations’ progress. Leadership may be implied or formal, whatever form it come in, we need leadership. It may be provided by US or United Nations but it has to be provided. Nobody demands that America leads the world, but since America is the current implied leader of the world it must lead or declare officially it has given up on its leadership role and also take back its military installations around the world. The world has not had leadership for many years; the last eight years have shown what lack of leadership looks like: wars, destruction and terrorism.

In Syria, while we debate Obama’s legacy, over 300,000 Syrians cannot be part of the debate, they were wiped out of the face of the earth and a number of them were annihilated by chemical weapons. What did Obama do? In 2012 he gave a speech (as he always does: talk, talk and talk some more) in which he warned the president of Syria that America won’t tolerate chemical weapons being used on Syrians. It was reported later that Syrian civilians were massacred with chemical weapons, what did Obama do? He gave more speeches how he left the world better that he found it. I don’t know if the Syrians agree with him. In evaluating Obama’s claim of making the world better, it will be beneficial to ask Syrians of their view on Obama’s performance.

It is not very common that an American president spend two full terms fighting the same wars as Obama has done in Afghanistan and Iraq. The surge of 2007 had started to bear fruits in Iraq, Obama come in with new ideas, 14 years later the war is still raging people are dying daily and terrorists occupy land in Iraq and Syria. Sometimes I wonder whether Obama was looking for cheap victory by letting terrorists occupy land then later spend tax payers’ millions of dollars to fight terrorists. Where was Obama when were terrorists took over huge territories?

Hillary may have lost an election partly because of her incompetency portrayed during 2012 Benghazi attack on the American embassy, this loss is nowhere compared thousands of Libyans and 4 Americans who lost their lives in unending war in Libya. Obama may have retired, but the surviving Libyans, will live to tell Obama’s catastrophic intervention in their country.

The Middle East is in turmoil, be it Yemen or Lebanon, no country seems to stable in that corner of the world, what outstanding contribution did Obama make to bring about peace and prosperity in the Middle East? No substantial progress on Israel-Palestine Peace talks, just betrayal and threats to Israel.

DRC has been forgotten for decades. Southern Sudan has not tested peace and prosperity since its creation. The European Union is in a state of panic, especially after the Brexit.

Ukraine was robbed of land (Annexation of Crimea) by Russia under Obama’s watch, yet Obama can lecture Trump about being tough on Russia. I think before Obama lectures anybody on Russia, he should beg Russia to return Crimea that was grabbed on his watch.

China, North Korea, Iran and Russia (by the way all the four nations have been mentioned to have carried out some form of cyber-attacks on US, why is Russia single out by Obama?) These nations have become sophisticated cyber operators under Obama’s nose, yet he cries foul when they use the skills that they developed under his watch. China baby seats the North Korea, has undermined the world trade, built on contested Islands in the Southern China Sea while Obama was doing what he does best: talk, he was talking about how the world has become a better place under his watch. North Korea is a disaster waiting to happen; its nuclear capabilities have thrived during Obama’s regime.

Obama believed and believes that he is the only one with the brains to do deals with America’s foes like Cuba (a nation, whose citizens are exiled in America) and Iran (a nation that wants to eliminate Israel and on many occasions it has unlawful imprisons American Citizen), it is ok when Obama makes deals with such nations but his successor cannot even talk to Russia, because in Obama’s eyes it undermines national security. My point is not “why was Obama allowed to talk to nations that are disturbing world peace and Trump is not allowed”, my point is that anybody with any idea how to bring peace to the illing world should not be stopped. When history is finally written I think Obama will go down as the president who could not tell the difference between American’s friends and enemies.

The world is engulfed with diminishing faith in globalization and growing Nationalist tendencies, thanks to the empty rhetoric of president Obama in the past 8 years. Obama has left the world at the brink of collapse, if it does not collapse it will be credit to those who will come after him and if it collapses Obama will be remembered as the architecture of the collapse and his successors will share in the blame for failing to avert the catastrophe.

Bye Obama.

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