Give me Anything but the Mirror

by on Dec.02, 2013, under Inspiration & Others

As I grow older, I continuously struggle with the fact that some people around me, some with whom I discuss with several vices that are crippling our beautiful world cannot look at themselves. They look at others, it is always the other person to blame. Some manipulate others, backbite, gossip, complain continuously and they are the kings and queens of “entitlement mentality”. The main problem I have with them is that they see none of these in themselves, any attempt to help them with a mirror so that they can see themselves is met with, “you do not like me,” “you do not love me,” “you are judging me harshly,” some have gatekeepers that think they (gatekeeper) love them so much as to protect them from the truth. My struggle is to let them know that as I hold a mirror in their face it is the highest form of love, only second to that of Jesus.


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