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by on Sep.30, 2016, under Inspiration & Others

Rumsfeld made this truth common sense, yet not very common still.
There are things we know but we do not know we know
There are things we know we do not know.
There are things we think we know yet we do not know
There are things we do not know we do not know
Always there are …… Read more

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America: Lead or Get out of the Way

by on Aug.31, 2016, under Leadership, Politics & Patriotism

Sean Neber

Many days in 2008 I stayed up late or woke up in the wee hours of the night to listen to Senator Obama’s inspirational speeches. His words were a spring of fresh water in the land submerged in dirty political waters. American politics stinks and Senator Obama promised to purify it if he won the …… Read more

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Human Interests!!!

by on Jul.31, 2016, under Inspiration & Others

Self-interest propels most of our pursuits, do we have any human interest left? The quest of self-interest is both international and local. More often than not if US proposes an agenda at the UN Security Council, China or Russia opposes it and vice versa. In Kenya during the constitution making period, most Kamba, Kikuyu and …… Read more

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Brexit: A Challenge to Democracy and Leadership

by on Jun.30, 2016, under Leadership, Politics & Patriotism

Brexit is not just an exercise in democracy; it is a challenge to democracy. One of the key pillars of democracy is free and fair elections. It has been common knowledge in an election that majority have their way while the minority are protected. The results of Brexit and other recent elections have led many …… Read more

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Leadership is a Choice

by on May.31, 2016, under Leadership


Billions of dollars are spent annually world over to develop leaders. Numerous universities have baptized most of their management courses: “leadership”. Nowadays businesses employ leaders and not managers. Given the attention leaders and leadership has enjoyed in the recent years one could think that the world is a better place than it was 20 years… Read more

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The Only Difference Is God’s Grace

by on Apr.30, 2016, under Faith

I am redeemed sinner with gangster proclivity, trust Cornel West to that. As I pondered on West’s statement I realised that he meant to say two things, him being a believer has nothing to do with his abilities and good deeds and secondly he is not a finished product yet, he is still imperfect and …… Read more

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America’s New Political Parties

by on Mar.30, 2016, under Politics & Patriotism


It is obvious to many people that America has two dominant political parties. I am sure you guessed Republican and Democratic, you are not alone many people are fixated in the America of the 80s and before, the America of Ronald Reagan and JF Kennedy. The only enduring thing about America is its pursuit of …… Read more

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United Nations: We Need A New Dream

by on Feb.29, 2016, under Leadership

Martin Luther the king moved the world into action in 1964 when he eloquently outlined his dream for a free and a United America. Who thought that America with all its advancement in human endeavours could segregate its people of colour! The Blacks were second class citizen for many generations. Some Whites with devilish black …… Read more

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