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Stealing Library Books: Worst Form of Corruption

by on Nov.27, 2015, under Education & Learning

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Many years ago as a young man craving for knowledge I searched for libraries to quench my thirsty. Whenever I was I Eldoret town in the 90s I could visit the Kenya National Library Services. Even before I picked up a book from the shelves the feeling of being among so many books could open …… Read more

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My Dream for the Kenyan Universities

by on Feb.16, 2015, under Education & Learning


One day Kenyan universities will treat all its students as their clients.

One day Kenyan universities will lead by example, the universities will not only teach their students to be good managers but the universities will practise good management.

One day Kenyan universities will not send faculty members to the media and conferences to lecture the nation… Read more

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by on Jan.21, 2014, under Education & Learning


Inclusive, good-quality education is a foundation for dynamic and equitable societies – Desmond Tutu
I must state that without High Education Loans Board (HELB) I may not have had my first degree, it is HELB’s help that paved the way for me into the higher education. That notwithstanding, student loan application process witnessed in August and …… Read more

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Education Names or Creates?

by on Dec.08, 2013, under Guest Posts


Does education bring to life new things, or do we study existing things? Maybe education brings order to existing things. It is only when Martin Luther King repeats the same sentence structure that linguists and speech experts, say Martin Luther used parallelism. The question is, ‘is it the speech expert who created parallelism or the …… Read more

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Laptop for Every Child

by on Dec.08, 2013, under Education & Learning


It pains me when we continue to live in the now, taking care of the current needs. We want to eat our cake now and still have the same cake tomorrow; when my peasant mother took me to school, she hoped that the future will be good for us. We did not first build a …… Read more

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